How to Find the Best Enjoyable Street Food in Paris

Paris is lover’s paradise as well as a historical and cultural hub that represents past era. Today Paris is even well known for its foodie corners. You can explore and relish on varied culinary dishes.

Here are few of them to be tasted while in Paris: 


The street food is made of flour stuffed with varied ingredients like Nutella, cheese, egg, marmalade, ham or any other filling as per your preference. You can find kiosks selling crepes all the time in street corners. 

Baguette sandwich:

This is a local food fondly known as Banhi mi prepared using Baguette bread. The stuffing ingredients and sauce is your choice as it can be crab meat, shrimp mixed with baby tomatoes, grated cheese, shredded green onions and bread spread with varied kind of mayonnaise. 


It is a Greek fast food prepared by grilling or skewing meat, veggies along with pita bread. The vegetables can be potato fries or other green leafy vegetables.


Actually, it is a Mexican dish made of corn or wheat flour tortilla filled with tofu, green veggies, onion and meat. You can even have sea food filled tacos in any corner of Paris. 


A favorite food of Arabic countries usually eaten as side dish for main meals. You can have fried or grilled kebab prepared by marinating minced meat with regular seasoning ingredients mixed in curd. 

Pad Thai:

As the name suggests, it is Thai food which is tangy and little spicy to taste. The food made from rice noodles tossed with various sauces. The best Pad Thai is prepared using meat curry sauce. 


Another favored dish of fried meat ball served with a number of dipping sauces. 

You can enjoy all this street food eateries of the city by booking in well known Paris Food Tours organized by credential tour organizers.