Increase your winning rate with poker card analyzer


Poker card analyzer is a cheating device that directs the player about what to do next. It tells the player about the chance that they have in winning the game. Poker card analyzer is a poker odds calculator app available in a mobile phone. However, the app is hidden in the device. The player needs to reach the app with an account and a password. For more information click on this site

Poker card analyzer is known by various names like poker hand analyzer, poker winner predictor, poker odds calculator, etc. In order to get foretell characteristic, the poker card analyzer should be accompanied with barcode marked cards. The player is required to switch on the device on standby. The device will then scan the barcode and provide the player with vital information. To get more information on poker card analyzer visit this link

 How to use a poker hand win calculator?

  • Select the number of payers playing the game in hand. The first and last player will automatically be included.
  • The player then has to click on the option deal in if the player wishes to add more players in the game.
  • Later click on the hole cards of the players by selecting the card icons shown below the table.
  • When all the players of the game have their hold cards you have to click on the card icons. This will than create a board.
  • The player should than click on the button that shows which hand wins on the device.
  • To clear the game and start afresh the player should click on the reset button.

How to analyze your poker hands?

  • Record hands: If you are very serious about the game and do not wish to repeat previous mistakes of your past games than it is imperative that you record your hand history. In case of live players write down notable hands to analyze them.
  • Organize your hand history: You should format your hand histories that are similar. This will help you to organize your history and will make them readable. A well-organized history will result in more valuable feedback.
  • Identify a tough spot: While doing the above process of organizing the history try to find the tough spots that need proper analysis.
  • Run numbers: To effectively analyze your poker hands it is essential that you have a program which has the functions to calculate equities.