Water damage restoration is a business term used for explaining the events of a water damage clean up beginning from the very first step to the last one. There are many terms associated to it. And it can be called as water remediation, water removal, water extraction, water mitigation or simply flood cleanup.

Evert situation from a water damage is different and should be considered carefully as every time the requirements are varied. It needs in depth assessment, monitored outlook to ensure a proper water removal and restoration. The water may or not contain sewage, pesticides or other waterborne infections. A graded caution should be used while dealing with such situations.

Some of the important precautionary steps are as follows:

  1. water resistant rubber gloves, boots with thick soles and a dust mask should be worn by the person working on the site.

2.change of work clothes prior to entering other areas to avoid chances of cross contamination

  1. staying hydrated
  2. avoiding over exertion by taking frequent breaks
  3. washing hands and other exposed parts of the body with anti microbial soap
  4. always carrying a first aid kit
  5. minimal use of electrical equipment’s to avoid the risks of an electric shock

The processes involved in water damage restoration


  1. mitigation of damages done by the water flood.
  2. not using candles or gas lanterns
  3. extracting each member of the unit in case of detection of a gas odor or an unstable structure


  1. providing support to sagging wet ceilings
  2. removal of raised floor tiles to avoid injuries because of tripping
  3. removing wall mounted structures from the building
  4. documenting all the content damaged by the hazard
  5. prior to demolition it is important to seal off areas that were immune to the damage.

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