Tricks To Save Money On Your Wedding

It is mostly unheard for one not to overindulge on such occasion as your wedding day, an event believed and hoped on to be the best day of your life. Talk about the venue, the food, guests, music from Djs Lancaster pa, flowers and your dress .

In planning a wedding, financial indulgence is endless. Considering your wedding as an event that happens only once, nothing but the best should characterize it.

 Spending impulsively can cause you to slip financially, and this could take you a while to get back on solid feet. How can this be remedied?

Tips to Limit Spending On Your Wedding

  • Play smart when making your venue selection

As much as you want the best, let your budget guide your choice, don’t feel shy to check more than one venue. There are stunning venues with affordable prices. Also, look out for the venue’s inclusion (chairs, tables, waiters, crockery, glassware, linen etc.) in their hiring cost as it can cost you higher if the above is not listed.

  • Skip starters

If you are working on a budget and want to save some cash from food, it is wise to skip starters. Go straight to your first course and dessert. It gives a formal feel without the additional cost

  • Go Digital.

Wedding these days are ruled by the digital world. you may not want to be left behind. Rather than spend so much on prints and other logistics to share the invitation cards, you can design one online with free tools that do not require you to be a tech whiz to use, and most of such sites offer tracking systems which allow you to track your guest number effortlessly. Sharing as well has become easy as you can do so via emails and other social media platforms (Whatsapp Instagram, Twitter etc.)

  • No Favours

There is no need to include an additional freebie when you have enough costs incurred per head. Leave the sentiments and enjoy your big day with selected guests.

  • Stationery

For a wedding on a tight budget, you would want to look into every detail you are allowing to make sure none is unnecessary. Stationery, for example, is an excellent place to look into too. You can let guests sit anywhere they choose, and this can warm up the tone of your reception rather than formal seating.

Stationery items like menus could be expensive to place on every table considering your crowd. You can opt for a reusable chalkboard, make use of a friend who has excellent writing skills to manually draft a menu and place it in a visible part of the hall.