Can you use a storage unit for band practice?

When you have a self-storage unit at your disposal, you may want to use it for a host of different activities. While limiting yourself to storing seasonal clothes and boxed goods is hardly a disaster, it could see you miss out on some cool opportunities. When thinking about other uses for storage Staples Corner facilities, the idea of band practice is one that may crop up.

So, is it possible to use your storage Staples Corner spaces for band practice and playing music? Here’s all you need to know.

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Storing instruments

If you are hoping to store instruments and other musical items in the self-storage unit, the good news is that you can do it in style. Aside from the security features, the units are climate controlled, which should prevent any threat of damage to instruments.

Of course, you will need to keep the instruments in an accessible location. Nonetheless, there is no restriction on the instruments that can be stored within the facility. As long as you have the space for them, it’s fine. Moreover, with permission from the owner, it’s OK to keep the instruments belonging to other band members in your Horsham storage unit too.

Playing music

Given that you can access your storage unit on a 24/7 basis, you could potentially enjoy a jamming session at any given time. After all, people cannot use their storage spaces for living or completing office work. While they aren’t explicitly soundproof, it’s unlikely that you will disrupt others as the spaces are usually empty. Only the on-site security need to be considered.

Still, you should show consideration to other storage unit users, especially as band practice sessions aren’t the primary function of the units. If you have silencing equipment for drum kits and acoustic guitars, that’s great.


While it is possible to play music from inside the storage unit, you should appreciate that there are no power outlets. If you plan to use electric guitars or keyboards, you will need to invest in portable power sources. Even then, you will be limited or playing time.

This, combined with spacing limitations and the acoustics of the space, also make units a little unsuitable for producing and recording. Demos for your personal usage and development is fine, but you probably wouldn’t want to send a demo recorded fro a storage Staples corner unit into the Sony music team.

The final word

Is it possible to use the storage unit as a band practice arena? The answer is yes, but with several caveats. There are probably better options out there, but those that already have a storage unit space ay wish to convert a part of their space to this hobby.

It won’t be suitable for all jamming sessions. However, when you choose the right instruments and have an appreciation of the limitations, the storage unit can become a valuable asset for your band. While you’ll still require a more professional arena for more serious activities, such as recording, practicing in these areas may work wonders.