How to Reduce the Amount of Clothing Going Into Our Landfills

Over 85 percent of all solid waste in the UK is not recycled and end up in landfills. 80 percent of all items that are buried in the landfills can be reused or recycled. Given landfills are some of the biggest contributors to soil pollution it paints a grim picture of the future of our environment. One of the most common things that make to the landfills is textiles. Most believe that old clothing has no value, unlike metal and plastic that can be recycled.

It is estimated that over 3 million tons of recyclable clothing, textile and shoes are buried under various landfills across the UK. The fashion industry is very dynamic, which leads people to dump clothes fast and buy trending styles. Here are a few tips to avoid sending your old clothing to rubbish removal companies.

Swap and Share

You can share and swap clothes that you do not need with your friends and relatives. Just hold a party where your friends come with clothes they do not need. Then, everyone picks what he or she may be interested in wearing. You get clothes you can wear cheaply while clearing your closet of the clothes that you do not need.


Are you a DIY enthusiast? If yes, you can test your creativity by refreshing your pieces. There are tens of DIY resources online, including blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also come up with creative ways to refashion those pants, dresses, shirts and tops. This way, your rubbish removal company will just take away a few pieces rather than entire clothes.

Sell Old Clothing

Some organisations buy old, nice clothing for cash. Some have set consignment centres in various neighbourhoods while others buy online. This is a great way to make extra cash so that you pay less from your pocket when buying new clothing. You can also sell some in the local frugal market. Rates depend on the buyer. However, there are several alternatives in the market from which you can decide the one that has the best offer.


There are those in society that do not have the privilege of having enough clothing changes. You can bring a smile on their faces by donating clothing that is old or that no longer fits you. Some several homes and shelters accept clothing donations across the UK. You can also identify the needy in your neighbourhood and give them a few pieces.

Repurpose your Clothes

You can use your clothes for other purposes. For example, that outdated skirt can be made into some good apron while that faded t-shirt can work as a comfy pyjama. If you do not want to wear the clothing, you can use textiles for other purposes. For example, ripped shirts make good materials for household cleaning while denim and jeans can make tough covers for your outdoor furniture. Clearabee recommends that you come up with innovative methods to reuse your clothing around home.

Send very Old Clothing to a Recycler

If none of the above methods work for you, consider hiring a rubbish removal company that recycles most of the recyclable materials. Companies like Clearabee recycle over 80 percent of the rubbish that they collect from homes and commercial customers. They have innovative methods of reducing the amount of textile that makes its way to landfills. Some textiles are used as fillers for pillow and mattresses while some go to make dolls and toys.

Check if your rubbish management firm has an active recycling policy. To make it easy for lorry operators to sort the waste, be sure to separate various types of waste. This way, the rubbish removal company is less likely to dispose of items that can be recycled.