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With all the well-known benefits that come from using cannabis, it can be disconcerting to see news articles indicating that people are sustaining injuries from using cannabis products. Unfortunately, that is what has been happening recently – warnings have gone out about people getting hurt from vaping weed, and it has understandably upset marijuana users. Whether you vape for pleasure, pain relief, or some other reason, the last thing you want to worry about is getting hurt by the product you are using.

Fortunately, when you filter the noise you will find that there is not a lot of reason for serious alarm as long as you are getting your vape products from quality manufacturers. The healthiest vape is one made by producers who prioritize quality and aim to give you the cleanest, purest vaping experience possible.

Finding the Healthiest Vape – What You Need to Know

Watch Out for Additives

Although the final verdict is still out about what has been injuring marijuana vape users recently, the biggest suspects are the additives that go into some vape products – particularly those made illegally and sold on the street. There is very little chance that the marijuana in the vape fluid is the problem. As Jacob Borodovsky, a leading epidemiologist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis said in a recent Time article, “If I had to bet money on whether or not THC is causing these lung-related issues, I wouldn’t put it on the THC compound itself. I would put it on the way in which the THC is prepared and delivered.”

Cheap vape products and vape products made in somebody’s basement can include a lot of stuff besides marijuana. They can include chemicals that change the flavor of the product, chemicals to change the consistency of the product, and other additives that may carry health risks. Any of these additives may be contributing to the injuries vape users are experiencing.

Buy from a Company You Can Trust

If you were buying weed even a decade ago, you know how difficult it could be to ensure you got a quality product. That’s what black markets do – create opportunities for unscrupulous sellers to distribute low-quality and/or adulterated products to consumers. Fortunately, today you can buy from companies that you can trust to produce high-quality products and treat you right. At Lowell Farms, we are striving to be the premier producer of flower and vape products in California. We are highly motivated to deliver the best products out there – both because we love using them ourselves and because we want to make sure you get the quality you deserve.

Our farm is sustainable and dedicated to getting our herb into your hands in a way that feels like you just plucked the bud yourself. We use organic farming methods and a lot of love to grow our plants, and we use the same level of care and attention to draw out the best cannabis oil.

For a good example of what the healthiest vape looks like, check out our Cold Pressed Live Rosin Sauce.  We use an artisanal solvent-less process to extract all the exquisite details of the raw plant, including the full cannabinoid experience and terpene profile. It is as close to the flower smoking experience as you can get in a vape. No chemicals. No additives. Pure cannabis oil, as mother nature intended (if she was a scientist…)

Commitment to Healthy, Natural Cannabis

If you want to see just how creative we can get with cannabis, come check out Lowell Café. Opening this month in West Hollywood, we have built the first legal cannabis café and restaurant in the U.S. Let us show you how healthy cannabis can be!