Packaging Your Products with a Custom Box Manufacturer

Having the right box is important

Having the right box is important no matter if you are a business person, or an individual wanting to ship a present off to a friend. There are custom box manufacturers that have all kinds of sizes and thicknesses to choose from.

You wouldn’t want to get a box and the box won’t close or the box is too small for the thing you are shipping. Size matters. Thickness matters because you wouldn’t want a box to fall apart either before it ships or even during the shipping process.

Custom Boxes

A Custom Box Manufacturer can make any kind of box you can think of. There is the classic kind of box where there are flaps on the bottom and top which are all equal in size. There are classic boxes that have equal flaps just on the bottom. If you need a classic box to be more secure, a flap overlap box might be the perfect box for you. If you are shipping a piece of clothing, a telescope box will be perfect. 

Telescope boxes have separate tops and bottoms. If you need a unique way to ship something, custom box manufacturers can make boxes in die-cut shapes. The boxes can be a round shape or have slots. Another unique box is the five-panel box. It is the type of box where there are tabs that fold in the inside.

Box Thickness

Boxes can come in different degrees of thickness. The thicker the cardboard depicts how sturdy the box is. If you are shipping something valuable, you should pick a box that is double-walled. They are feather lightboxes which would be fitting for people who don’t want have to use equipment to move the boxes. 

Some boxes have structures that are substantial and solid. They are built so well that they don’t tear or break. Every hard movement won’t hurt the box. Some boxes are malleable which means you can get the boxes in any size, or even any design printed on them. The malleable ones can be great for the business person to have their custom logo on the box.

Small Footprint

If you are a person who is worried about the environment, cardboard boxes come from tree pulp. The boxes can be recycled which leaves even a smaller footprint. Not only that they can be reusable. If you receive something in a cardboard box, you can use the box again to either ship other things, store things in the boxes, or even use it as moving boxes. For a business person, shipping in cardboard boxes can benifit them because box companies sell the boxes in bulk.


Cardboard boxes don’t have rough edges so stacking them can be a breeze. Have a pile of boxes won’t cause any damage to the valuable things inside.

Designing a box

For a business person, a design on a box is important. They should figure out what size of a box it should be. They also have to consider the customer. The customer will be opening the box so the box should be easy to open. 

No one likes to struggle to open what they bought. They also have to figure out the layout of their logo or design on the box. The design shouldn’t too big that half of it is on the box. Always getting opinions on the box is helpful to know if the design is just right and the right box is used.