Dip tobacco alternatives offer everything that the users love about traditional tobacco dipping, but without any tobacco. Neither tobacco leaf nor its stem is involved in the process of making the products. The alternative dip is actually made from edible leaves and food ingredients and food grade nicotine. The products are made only for those who are above the age of 21 and want to enjoy an alternative to regular tobacco smoking or traditional tobacco chew products that contain tobacco leaves. The nicotine used in the making of the products is of the pharmaceutical grade that delivers the same experience as traditional smokeless tobacco products.


Personal Experience

Believe me when I say this, if you have tried any kind of alternatives other than alternative tobacco dip, then you have wasted your money and your time. Even if you have used nicotine patches, fake dips, nicotine lozenge products, or also used some kind of gums, you might have been met with disappointment in switching. This is because it is tough to break unhealthy habits and leave them behind you. My experience with the product has been exhilarating. I ordered the Black Buffalo Blood Orange dip alternative from the website. When I received it, I was more than happy with the taste and flavor profile and enjoyed the product very much.

I sat on my sofa and opened the lid of the Blood Orange dip, and believe me when I say that the aroma of the dip really felt like I am in a garden or something. Putting it into words, the experience was nostalgic. I took a slight pinch of a dip in my fingers and put it behind my lips to really taste it. The taste was pretty much sweet and sour and for which I would give a 10/10. After putting it for almost 5 minutes, nicotine kicked in, which made the product like the real thing. The taste of the product was authentic, which gave the genuine feel of the traditional dip. If you want to choose superior flavor, genuine feelings, and real satisfaction, I would recommend that you must try products offered by Black Buffalo as they are offering the best alternative dip online.

5 great flavors of tobacco alternative

Most companies are offering everything that the dipping community loves about traditional products in the form of flavors that are enriched with the food additives to give you the feel of the original product. It promises that it will provide a similar taste, the same texture, and vibrant dark color with pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Here are 5 great flavors being offered:

  • Wintergreen
  • Mint
  • Straight
  • Peach
  • Blood Orange

Most popular companies that are making alternative dips are Black Buffalo, Cowboy Coffee, BaccOff, Smokey Mountain, etc. These companies claim that their products are 100% tobacco-free and give the user a satisfying experience, just like the original product that uses tobacco leaves. There are several differences in each brand and product, so you can try what you like based on flavors or price or shipping or availability in retail stores, but in the end the key is that you will be using a product that doesn’t contain traditional tobacco and that is a new and different way to enjoy traditional tobacco chew.