Types of Die Cut Boxes and Their Intended Use

Complex and difficult packing issues that cannot be solved by the usual standard box can only rely on die cut manufactured boxes to save the day. These boxes are made using a special type of cutter, so the boxes are well and craftily made to specifically suit a client’s requirements. Materials can range from corrugated plastics to corrugated cardboard. These boxes are highly customizable, so they can include handles, fold over lids, buffers, and the like to create an ideal box for whatever the clients demand.

These die cut manufactured boxes can then be stamped and customized to make a bespoke design that can help promote the branding of the client. Since even the size can be specified, then it can be made to fit whatever type of goods or products a client is offering. These boxes are fast to assemble, with no need for tape, making set-up a breeze. There are many different types of die cut boxes available for use to suit any business or personal requirement.

Ballot Boxes

This particular type of die cut box possesses this unique feature of a drop slot on the very top. A slot is a place where people can drop in and submit their entries. As its name implies, this kind of box is great for an election. It can also be utilized for a contest where confidentiality is necessary. The box can be made small to be placed on top of a table, or it can be made big enough to stand on its own for big events like trade shows and conventions. The sides of this ballot box can be seen through or covered, depending on what the client wants.


A one-piece box, a mailer is unique because it comes with an attached lid that can self-lock. The mailer box’s name stems from how it is used. It is a great box for any product that a company wants to send via direct mail. A mailer box is highly functional because it can come with custom inserts to hold things in place while in transit, making a great companion for retail use. Because it can be customized, it is an attractive and functional piece that can be used to highlight any retail product. Ease of use is also assured because it is it can be swiftly closed and opened with jostling or damaging the product contained therewith.

Gift Boxes

This is the most familiar type of box to everyone because who doesn’t love getting a present? A gift box is a type of box for presents, which can range from corrugated board to paperboard. It can also come stamped printed with designs and the box itself can be colored. This particular box has a high quality, coming in a variety of finishes from matte to a high gloss, shiny, or even glittery. Gift boxes are very popular with advertising agencies, promotional companies, and even corporations where they like to give many presents.

Bin Boxes

An open tray type of box, this bin box is ideal for maximizing shelf space because it can be customized to fit any shelf size. Anything can be placed inside, making organization a breeze from sewing parts, art supplies, magazines, or anything a client would want. The bin box can be colored for added functionality, so color-coding the shelving or filing system for ease of use at work or the home office is totally possible.

Suitcase Boxes

Just like its name, this box looks exactly like a suitcase with a handle. This is box can self-close like a briefcase, making it ideal for conventions and trade events where promotional materials and token are always distributed. The suitcase box can help represent company colors because it can be customized to a client’s specifications. Plastic or cardboard materials can be utilized.

Cut Out Wraps

This is a type of die cut manufactured box with all the four corners of the box is literally cut out, hence, its name. The outer flaps are positioned to meet in the middle of the box. It is a way of protecting a product, so it remains stable while in transit. This box is perfect for shipping items such as frames, books, cables, etc.

There are many different die cut manufactured boxes available in the market today. Everything can be customized to help with a company’s branding and promotion. Whatever is needed, may it be color, material, print, or style, this can be easily addressed to suit every client’s requirements.