What are the Benefits of Electric Standing Desk?

The contemporary official desktop job requires all day sitting in front of a desk. Eventually, your health or the health of your employees in your company are at stake due to the day -long continuous and regular sitting. It will develop serious metabolism issues along with other health complications. In fact, the findings for several studies from authentic sources have established that sitting hours continuously and regularly has serious health implications along with unproductive job outcome and other work-related disturbances. As a result, companies like Facebook and Google are providing electric sit and stand desks to their employees as perks. The electric stand desks have the automatic standing opportunity for the employees just with the touch of a button. While working intensively, the employees getting on to their feet automatically and again sitting back to a convenient position not only serves health reason, but saves time, and energizing the employees further increasing the productivity of your human resources. Get in touch with Primecables electric standing desk for your requirement of best and durable electric standing desk.

Standing minimum of three hours a day and six days per week not only burns around eight lbs a year but also your heart rate increases around 10 times a minute while standing. In an overall estimation, this burns more than 30000 calories a year. This benefits your metabolism and further keeps you healthy, energetic and active not only performing productively in your work but keeps you in a good condition in your personal life.

An authentic study by the World Health Organisation reveals that excess sitting increases 40 % possibilities of premature death. The excess sitting also leads to various illness and diseases like colon and breast cancer, diabetes and many others. Sitting puts more pressure as much as 90% more on your waist as well as lower back in comparison to standing or other postures of your body. Most people develop back and waist pain because of continuous sitting in a routine manner. Regularly and continuously sitting on a fixed pasture while working on your computer for hours also results in neck pain, hand and shoulder pain and headache.

Standing ultimately relaxes you with reduced waste and shoulder pains relieves pressure and improves your energy and likeness to work. Sitting and standing alternatively is the best way to work at ease and make the best use of your working time at your office. Eventually, stress-free and pain-free workers and happier and healthier employees.