Viscos, springs, and latex – three basic materials for genuine quality mattresses

There are many natural and synthetic materials that are used to make best Mattress in India. The most commonly used are viscoelastic, pocket springs and latex. Actually, the most normal thing is to find several layers – springs with a viscoelastic layer, wool and cotton latex, etc. Let’s look at the characteristics of each type, and which one best suits you. Then you can go online to buy your next best mattress.

Viscoelastic mattress

It is the ideal material if you are looking for a fluffy and adaptable mattress. It is the good option if you sleep on your side, or if you suffer from back pain, muscle or joint problems. In addition, they absorb movement very well, so they are ideal for double beds, and for people who change positions several times throughout the night. Now it is possible to buy mattress online in India according to your need.

Springs mattress

These mattresses are ideal for hot people. They provide the best air ventilation. In addition, they are excellent for double beds, as the springs provide an optimal bed independence that does not transmit the movement. They are composed of a network of springs covered with several layers of fabric that isolate them, and provide comfort, and different degrees of firmness, depending on the material of these layers. You can find spring mattresses covered with latex, cotton or even viscoelastic, adding adaptability and comfort.

If you need more comfort, suspension, and posture adaption, you can also buy Memory foam mattress in India online. There are several types of springs, but the ones that give the best results and are currently used are those of bagged springs. Each spring is protected inside a cover that individualizes it. In this way, they adapt very well to the pressure exerted by each area of ​​your body, guaranteeing the care of your back and typical noise when moving.

Latex mattress

Thanks to the flexibility of this material, it is a great option for people who move a lot during the night, and for articulated beds. In addition, this material is ideal for allergic and asthmatic people, since the mites cannot nest in it. The latex is a natural material extracted from the rubber tree, but can also be artificially manufactured (synthetic latex). The price and quality of the mattress vary depending on the origin of the latex.