What Qualities To Look For When You Buy An Aircon In Singapore?

It is only comfortable to rest on your recliner sofa in Singapore during the summer heat if you have an aircon to cool your home. Without it, you would be sweating profusely while finding ways to cool your body.

Finding the appropriate AC for your home or office is crucial. There is an air conditioning unit for small rooms, while there ACs for large rooms, such as offices and events places. Apart from the type of AC, you also need to consider the specific qualities when you buy an aircon in Singapore.

Here are the qualities you should look for in an air conditioning units:


Not all ACs have the same capacities. For example, a portable aircon in Singapore cools small enclosed areas effectively, but not larger rooms. Although the capacity of the aircon significantly depends on the size of the room, some factors influence it. These factors include the number of people in the room and its location.

Tonnage determines an aircon’s capacity. The bigger the room, the more tonnage the aircon must have. For example, if you have a more than 150 sq. feet room, you may need an AC with one tonnage (ton). Using a 0.8ton AC for a room as large as 150 sq. feet is ineffective.

Here is a rule of thumb for air conditioning unit tonnage:

  • A room size of up to 100 sq.ft needs8 ton AC capacity.
  • A room size of up to 150 sq.ft needs0 ton AC capacity.
  • A room size of up to 250 sq.ft needs 5 ton AC capacity.
  • A room size of up to 400 sq.ft needs0 ton AC capacity.


Air conditioning units are one of the home appliances with the highest electricity consumption. But there are ways to reduce your monthly bill without sacrificing the use of an air conditioning unit.

The National Environment Agency provides energy labels for common household appliances to help consumers determine which equipment pieces consume less energy. According to NEA, the Energy Label must be displayed in advertisements on websites, online and offline stores, printed catalogues, and more.

The Energy Label is not applicable to air conditioning units alone. Refrigerators, dryers, and the LCD television you mount on your TV console in Singapore also have the Energy Label.


Air quality can matter in air conditioning units. Aircon units come with built-in filters, which must be cleaned at least once a year, depending on the usage.

Because of the filter, aircon somehow improves your indoor air quality; however, inconsistency with aircon maintenance and cleaning can compromise not only the air quality but also the capacity and energy efficiency of your unit.

Meanwhile, airflow ability refers to the adjustable vents of the aircon unit. It allows the homeowner to control the airflow direction: whether to the left or right or the upper or lower angle. Some aircon automatically changes the angles of vents. For example, you can angle the AC vents lower towards the dining table in Singapore, so the table occupants feel the cool air.

When planning to buy an aircon in Singapore, make sure to scrutinise these qualities first. Then you can guarantee that you have found the right one for you.

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